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    Specialist examination by a physiatrist

    Are you suffering from a painful spine, joints or sports injury?
    Kvalitetna i za vas indicirana terapija, počinje  detaljnim pregledom specijaliste fizijatra i popratnom dijagnostikom. Svakom pacijentu pristupamo holistički, uz cjelovit i personalizirani pristup liječenju.
    A specialist physiatrist's examination consists of taking a medical history, physical and ultrasound examination of the locomotor system with a diagnosis, creating treatment plan, a concluding opinion and recommendation.

    Physiatrist's examination includes:

    • examination of spinal mobility
    • neurological examination
    • examination of joints (knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, hands, wrists, ankles, feet)
    • assessment of functional ability of muscles and ligaments

    We create the program according to your clinical status. A multidisciplinary team is involved in creating and implementing your program.
    In addition to physiatrists, other specialists are involved if needed: internist, cardiologist, orthopedist, neurosurgeon, surgeon, neurologist, ENT, dermatologist. According to the indication consultations by psychologists and/or nutritionist are provided.
    With the use of the most advanced technology, treatments include the application of physical therapy procedures, but also education, drug therapy, regenerative medicine methods, natural factors and acupuncture. Physical therapy and kinesitherapy, according to the recommendation of a specialist physiatrist, are performed by specially by trained physiotherapists and kinesiologists.

    Our doctors specialists - physiatrists

    Prim. Vlasta Brozičević, MD spec.
    in physical medicine and rehabilitation, rheumatology
    Head of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Member of the Management Board
    Official doctor of the Cro ski team, Member of the Health Commission of the Croatian Olympic Committee and the FIS



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