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    Our experience
    A modern manager is expected to multitask on a daily basis while respecting deadlines, which requires long office hours and increased concentration. This, in turn, leads to dramatic health changes and problems that, if not timely addressed, may cause long-term consequences. Additionally, companies generate losses for each day their employees spend on sick leave.
    The most frequent health problems experienced by modern managers include sciatica; neck, back, shoulder and arm pain; headache; pain in the upper or lower back, and musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases.
    Stress is manifested in many ways. Under stress, our body releases hormones that may eventually have harmful effects. Although called a silent killer, stress is in fact “a very loud killer”.
    Stress may cause fatigue, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high blood glucose, sleeping problems, gastrointestinal problems.
    All these problems significantly affect our work efficiency, as well as teamwork and cooperation.

    Your experience
    Have you ever felt shortness of breath or chest pain under strain? Do you exercise enough? Do you often feel nervous? Are you overweight? Do you smoke? What about you blood pressure, blood lipid and glucose levels? Do you sometimes have convulsions or stomach ache?

    According to data by the Croatian Health Insurance Fund, about 80% of population take sedatives, and people occupying managerial positions are the most exposed to stress.
    As early as 13 years ago, the World Health Organisation (WHO) proclaimed workplace stress to be the number one global epidemic. The media have often called it the plague of the 21 st century.
    Nowadays doctors emphasise that stress causes very serious physical and mental illnesses such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attack, anxiety, depression and thyroid disorders.
    The University of London has recently conducted a research according to which chronic stress increases the cardiovascular risk by 68%. The research of the European Agency for Occupational Health and Safety has shown that stress in the workplace affects every third employee in the European Union. As much as 75 to 90 percent of all visits to a GP are due to chronic stress. According to the collected data, workplace stress affects 28% of the working population, or 41.2 million people.
    Workplace stress accounts for 50 to 60% of all workdays lost, but also for about 5 million occupational injuries. This means a loss of at least 20 billion euro per year.
    A job that requires a 24-hour response is highly demanding both mentally and emotionally. As people most often cannot meet such expectations, they are constantly under stress. This primarily leads to loss of self-respect and eventually to the burnout syndrome. Workplace stress makes workers impatient, quarrelsome and lonely, leading to anger, mood changes and the feeling of helplessness. Every manager reacts differently to stress, but the first reaction of most of them would be to deny that they have a serious problem. An average manager claims to have the situation under control, which gradually leads to exhaustion and malaise. Continued denial makes them a candidate for a coronary or any other physical or mental disease.
    According to the survey conducted by SkillSoft, a global provider of cloud-based learning and performance support resources, the top ten most stressful professions are: IT, Medicine/Caring Profession, Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Education, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Production.

    The benefits for your company – Top Manager Programs
    The WHO 2020 Health Policy has four priority areas, of which the first is to invest in health through a life-course approach and empower citizens.

    Top Manager Programs are an ideal solution for your company and your top managers. For health protection, prevention and education!

    Detailed information on individual programs can be found in the Info Flyer: Top Manager Programs

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