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    Poliklinika Terme, Selce +385 51 764 055 | Polyclinic Terme – Department Rijeka +385 51 400 420
    ISO 9001

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    Moje koljeno je bolje, zahvaljujući ljudima iz Termi, koji su veliki napor uložili u moj oporavak, a ja im mogu samo zahvaliti na tome...

    Ivan Močinić, hrvatski nogometaš

    Welcome to the Polyclinic Terme in
    Selce and Rijeka!


    We provide a service above expectations, many patients say. Our team of 44 experts in various specialties guarantees that we will find the best solution for you, regardless of your age or profession.
    With our knowledge, experience, new technology and innovation, you are in safe hands.

    Prim. Vlasta Brozičević, MD spec.
    in physical medicine and rehabilitation, rheumatology
    Head of department
    Member of the Management Board

    Over 30 years, we have created individualized protocols and programs for each of our 44,000 patients from 87 countries, always according to realistically set goals.
    Indulge in our experience and knowledge through a variety of medical services and programs from our core specialties: physical medicine and rehabilitation, internal medicine and cardiology, dermatovenereology, and healthy life-work styles.

    Prim. mr. sc. Ivan Brozičević, MD spec.
    internal medicine and cardiology
    Chairman of the Board

    Your skin is a mirror of your health, emotions and lifestyle. With timely diagnostics, new technologies, advice and regular professional care, we can improve your appearance and delay aging.
    Dermatological services and programs of advanced aesthetic integrative medicine and cosmetology will satisfy the needs of your face and body, thus achieving health and beauty.

    Tea Brozičević, MD spec. of dermatology and venereology
    Head of department
    Member of the Management Board

    Today’s lifestyle changes your habits, whether you are a business person, an athlete, and if you are a parent, and your child’s habits change as well. The statistics are alarming! Education and prevention are the first priorities. With our ‘Healthy Living by IBD’ program line, you’ll get everything you need. 
    Tijekom 20 godina iskustva, unaprijedili smo naše programe kojima uspješno mijenjamo vaše navike na jedinstven način, motivirajući vas da prihvatite i nastavite svoj novi i zdraviji životni stil!

    mr. sc. Iva Brozičević Dragičević, prof. psihologije
    Special program manager
    Member of the Management Board

    We will be happy to answer any questions asked…
    Ask us!



    Polyclinic Terme – Selce
    Terme – Selce Ltd.
    Tel: +385 51 764 055
    Polyclinic Terme – Department Rijeka
    Tel: +385 51 400 420

    Working hours

    Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 20:00
    Saturday: 08:00 - 14:00


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