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Physical therapy

Joint and spine pain greatly diminishes the functional capacity and quality of work and life.  We have extensive experience in applying non-operative methods in diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases and conditions in patients of all ages, ranging from 3 to 93 years old.

We carry out therapies and programmes for rheumatic, degenerative, metabolic, post-traumatic and neurological conditions.

Along with continuous monitoring, various therapies are used to reduce swelling, oedema and inflammation.  Improvement of spine or joint range of movement is achieved, muscle strength and endurance is maintained or increased, movement coordination is improved, body position or posture are likewise improved, and various deformities are prevented and corrected.  Therapeutic procedures help improve the healing of muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, spine and joints in order to improve the function of organic systems.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation programs of non-operative conditions:

Tailored to the individual needs of patients and clients.

  • Arthrosis/Osteoarthritis (knee, hip, shoulder, fist, other joints)
  • Cervical syndrome physical therapy
  • Cervical brachial syndrome physical therapy
  • Ischialgia/lumboischialgia physical therapy
  • Spondylosis and spondylarthrosis physical therapy
  • Physical therapy for degeneration of intervertebral spinal discs
  • Physical therapy for whiplash
  • Physical therapy for tennis / golfer’s elbow
  • Physical therapy for delayed healing of fractures/pseudoarthrosis
  • Physical therapy for avascular bone necrosis (hips, feet, fists etc.)
  • Mb. Sudeck / Sudeck’s syndrome
  • CRPS / Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Plantar fascitis / heel spur
  • Adhesive shoulder capsulitis / Frozen shoulder

Check-ups are performed once a week or every day if necessary. Physical therapy is performed over an average duration of 2-3 weeks, depending on the diagnosis.


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