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Prevention is primarily directed towards healthy people to prevent the development of a disease, injuries or certain conditions. It means removing the risk/cause of disease and improving the general health condition in order to prevent the onset of disease.

Start actively participating in improving your own health today, with our specialized programs now!

  • Prevention of sports injuries in the most demanding patient group (top athletes)
  • Prevention of workplace-related risks (IT sector, top management etc.)
  • For each individual patient, we devise a program for preventing painful conditions of the spine and joints (we turn the patient’s weak points into strong points). The ultimate goal is to educate the patient to know how to prevent the painful condition on time.
  • Quarterly campaigns to raise awareness of the seasonal nature of illness (melanoma, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis – activities related to the World Health Day).
  • Detection of spinal deformation in young people in order to prevent the development of a disease or disability.
  • We analyse the environment in which a patient lives and advise on change if required such as adapting the workspace and living space to people with special needs, a company’s employees, children and young people.
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • Prevention of falls in the elderly (assessing the risk of falls and fractures)

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