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Sports programs

The Terme Selce Advanced Professional Sports Program

We have treated over 120 Olympic athletes and several world champions.  A special sports program was developed, monitored and supervised by Dr. Vlasta Brozičević and her team of experts.  For each individual patient, a sports therapeutic program is created according to patient’s individual assessment and needs.  Each program is created based on findings of a number of medical diagnostic tests, isokinetic tests, and other evaluation methods.


Often used to achieve a successful return after a sports injury/surgery – with effective therapy and an individually monitored rehabilitation plan.

It consists of:

  • Medical check-ups
  • Prevention of sports injuries
  • Physical therapy for painful conditions and sports injuries
  • Preoperative rehabilitation
  • Postoperative rehabilitation

Isokinetic testing

It is used to measure the strength of all body muscles, muscle functioning, activation rate and endurance.

  • BIODEX System – isokinetic dynamometer
  • BIODEX Balance Platform
  • BIODEX Gait Trainer

Isokinetics in prevention, physical therapy and rehabilitation

Targeted and safe rehabilitation today is unimaginable without isokinetic diagnostics and monitored exercise carried out under supervision, providing physicians, kinesiologists, therapists and patients with measurable results. For more than a decade, BIODEX isokinetic reference centre of Croatia has been operating at the Terme Selce Health Clinic.

Isokinetic diagnostics is emplyed at both the start and the end of every individual therapy plan. This is a method of objective examination of muscle, joint and spine function, taking into account age, gender, body weight and height. The data are computer-processed and provide detailed insight into the type and severity of muscle, spine and joint function disorders.

The use of isokinetics in rehabilitation improves intramuscular coordination, neuromuscular activation, joint stability through specific and targeted muscle strengthening (agonist/antagonist muscle groups), preventing the possibility of re-injuring, stabilizing and optimizing muscle function, decreasing the incidence of muscular imbalance and atrophy.

Isokinetic training is one of the most widely used muscle strengthening and joint mobility improvement methods. The isokinetic dynamometer allows precise and safe training during the rehabilitation process. There is practically no age limit (from 8 to 95 years of age).

Isokinetics usage methods:

  • Planning and monitoring therapy
  • Objectification of results of the therapy and support
  • Individual protocols and methods in the pre-preparation and preparation periods
  • Successful injury prevention, which ensures a longer sports career
  • Professional medical staff, physiotherapists and a sports psychologist provide support to athletes during rehabilitation and competition

Effects and benefits of kinesiotherapy

Achieving a psychophysical balance, improving the shape and concentration for maximum sport performance, increasing self-confidence and efficiency in injury prevention, quick recovery after injury, strengthening the immune system and ultimately extending the sports career.

  • Postoperative rehabilitation after:
    • Arthroscopic joint surgery
    • Reconstruction of cruciate and other ligaments
    • Partial or complete removal of the meniscus
    • Reconstruction of the meniscus
    • Meniscus transplants
    • Surgical treatment of cartilage, knee, hip, TC, elbow, shoulder microfractures
    • Cartilage transplants
    • Corrective osteotomy
    • Spine surgical procedures
  • Overexertion syndrome physical therapy
    • Muscle ruptures
    • Tendon and ligament injuries
    • Painful hamstring
    • Painful groin
    • Conditions after joint sprain (ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists)
    • Stress fractures
  • Vertebral and vertebrogenic syndrome physical therapy
    • Neck and lower back pain
    • Cervicobrachial syndrome
    • Lumboischialgia / disc herniation
  • Other programs
    • Comprehensive check-ups
    • Testing
    • Pre-preparation
    • Preparation
    • Psychological sports counselling centre
    • Nutritionist counselling centre for athletes
    • Sports injury prevention program

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