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    Physical medicine procedures

    The types of procedures we use to create individualized physical therapy and rehabilitation programs are:


    • Diadynamic currents
    • Electrostimulation of nerves and muscles
    • FREMS / Rhythmic Electrical Modulation System
    • Galvanic currents, Iontophoresis
    • Interference currents
    • TENS / Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
    • Microcurrent therapy (CACI, BIMED)

    Phototherapy (light therapy)

    Hypobaric therapy / VACUSAC - VACUSTYLER
    HBT is one of the most effective therapeutic procedures, which can be used for preventive, therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. It is based on the application of pulse changes of stronger and weaker negative pressure, which are lower than the value of the medium atmospheric pressure and acts to improve the arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation with a detoxifying effect. It is used for body, arms, legs.

    Kinesitherapy is medical gymnastics (Greek: Kinesis - movement, therapeia - treatment) that uses movement to treat a diseased or injured segment of the body or person. Exercises are conducted individually or in groups. Depending on the way the patient participates, the exercises are performed: passively, actively and / or actively assisted, actively independently and actively against resistance.

    Basic exercises
    Range of movement exercises
    Muscle strengthening exercises /strenghtening exercises: isotonic, isokinetic and isometric
    Endurance exercises: aerobic and anaerobic
    Conditioning exercises

    Other exercises
    Proprioneuromuscular facilitation (PNF) exercises
    Postisometric relaxation exercises (PIR)
    Stabilization exercises
    Proprioception exercises
    Balance exercises
    Coordination exercises
    Walking exercises
    Posture exercises
    Stretching exercises
    Plyometric exercises
    Open kinetic chain exercises
    Closed kinetic chain exercises
    Exercises on an isokinetic dynamometer
    Medical fitness
    Individual training with a personal trainer
    Hydrotherapy - exercise in the sea or pool
    Exercises in nature (on the promenade or by the sea)

    The therapeutic effect of magnetotherapy (low intensity non-thermal effect) has an anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous effect and affects tissue regeneration and repair. It reduces pain in various acute and chronic conditions and is used in injuries of the locomotor system, rheumatic diseases, postoperative rehabilitation and diseases of the upper and lower motoneurons.

    Manual therapy

    • Acupressure
    • Anti-cellulite massage
    • Apparatus lymphatic drainage-pressure therapy: SORIMED, VASOFLOW
    • Aroma massage
    • Hot-stone massage / hot volcanic stones
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Brush massage
    • Medical / Swedish massage
    • Reflex massage
    • Shiatsu massage
    • Sports massage
    • Tui-na massage

    Radio frequency (RF)
    Radiofrequency is a controlled deep heating of the skin with a catheter. It leads to increased muscle tone and tissue elasticity, improved cell metabolism and fibroblast activation, and the formation of new collagen. Radiofrequency successfully reduces cellulite and localized fat deposits, removes stretch marks and acne, also successfully performs breast tightening, non-surgical face and décolleté lifting.


    • Apparatus cryotherapy
    • Depth heating: ultrasound, RF
    • Cryotherapy: ice packs, ice massage
    • Algae-based compresses
    • Paraffin baths, compresses
    • Hot compresses, warming therapy

    Traction is the application of mechanical force which achieves the separation of joint surfaces, stretching of the surrounding soft tissues, muscle relaxation and reduction of intervertebral disc protrusion.

    Types of traction
    3D decompression treatment of the spine
    Inversion table
    Traction system for the cervical and lumbar spine / Vertetrac

    Ultrasound therapy
    Ultrasound therapy is the application of ultrasonic mechanical energy for therapeutic purposes. Continuous or pulsed therapeutic ultrasound that has a biological effect (thermal and non-thermal) is used. It raises the level and reduces the perception of pain, improves microcirculation, causes muscle relaxation, and contributes to tissue regeneration. Recent scientific papers suggest that it stimulates cell proliferation and proteoglycan production, which has a significant impact in the biological repair of the intervertebral disc of the spine.

    Other methods of therapy

    Natural factors
    During the stay in therapy, the influence of the mild Mediterranean climate with a particularly favorable microclimatic factor of the destination is used, in the form of staying by the sea, exercises in the sea and on the beach, on the sand and through various activities in the sea, air and nature. We call these types of therapies climatotherapy, which include:
    ‘Air baths’
    Sand therapy




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